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Nursing Home and Assisted Living Negligence

When nursing home and assisted living facilities accept a new resident (and start getting paid to care for that resident), they assure the family that their loved one will be well-cared for and that their needs will be met. Far too often, however, elder care facilities violate this sacred commitment, and our loved ones are horribly injured as a result. At Independence Law Maine, we specialize in all variety of elder care negligence cases, including:

  • Falls causing fracture, brain injury or death
  • Injuries caused by another violent resident
  • Delays in treatment for serious conditions
  • Elopement of resident despite known risk
  • Medication errors causing significant injury
  • Bed sores progressing to serious infection
  • Exposure to known life-threatening allergens
  • Lack of necessary supervision

When a loved one is seriously injured as a result of an elder care facility’s negligence or misconduct, the consequences are devastating not just for the injured resident, but also for friends and family who entrusted the facility with their loved one. At Independence Law Maine, we specialize in proving that the care provided to your loved one was unacceptable and that the unacceptable care was the legal cause of your loved one’s injuries. If your loved one survived the unacceptable care, we single-mindedly focus on optimizing your loved one’s recovery—physical, emotional, and financial—from his or her injuries. If your loved one has tragically died as a result of unacceptable care, we will honor your loved one’s memory by exposing the misconduct and obtaining maximal compensation for the excruciating losses caused by the wrongful death.