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Medical Malpractice

There is nothing worse than putting your trust in a doctor or hospital in a time of medical need, only for you or a loved one to become seriously injured as a result of a provider’s medical negligence. At Independence Law Maine, we believe that every patient has a right to quality, individualized health care, and that health care providers who violate this sacred obligation to provide quality care should be held accountable. At Independence Law Maine, we specialize in obtaining maximal compensation for clients in all variety of medical malpractice cases, including:

  • Misdiagnosis or substandard treatment
  • Delayed diagnosis/treatment
  • Surgical error or negligence
  • Miscommunication among providers
  • Missed findings on radiology imaging
  • Failure to order labs, testing, or imaging
  • Failure to refer to specialist
  • Medication errors

When medical professionals provide negligent care, the consequences are devastating. At Independence Law Maine, we specialize in proving that the medical care you received was unacceptable and that the unacceptable care was the legal cause of your injuries. Having accomplished that, we single-mindedly focus on optimizing your recovery—physical, emotional, and financial—from your life-altering injuries so that you can regain your independence and get back to living and enjoying your life.